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    1993 Sl 750

    Hi, all, hoping someone can help me out with this...I just got tasked with fixing my buddies SL 750. So far it has 120 psi across the board, I have cleaned the carbs and replace all the fuel line and the reeds as some were chipped and not closing all the way for a perfect seal. Before I throw the carbs back in I want to pop off test them...What pressure should I set them for? Also when changing the line I found that there was no restrictor, so, thanks to CrazyA and K447, I will be making one. The other thing is the tank vent line, which way does the check valves go?..I see there are 2 of them on the line, I want to make sure they are letting air flow the proper way.


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    The two vent check valves are different part numbers, so don't get them confused. There should be tiny arrow markings for air flow direction.

    One check valve is for letting air into the fuel tank, and only one end of the valve is connected (to the tank vent fitting) The other end just hangs in the air, and the nipple has no barbs.

    The other check valve lets excess air pressure out of the fuel tank vent, and the arrow points towards the outside vent fitting on the hull. The valve is designed to hold a couple of PSI inside the tank, so it will only vent when the pressure exceeds the threshold.

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