Bought a 2001 GTX 951 DI from police auction, it was a theft recovery. complete top end of the motor had been stollen, only the crank case and rods, an luckily the fuel rail remain. worrying about needle bearings being dropped into the case when the cylinder was stollen I pulled the motor out. I took it to seadoo and they said a complete rebuilt was needed. they reffered me to a place in quebec called cv tech. the motor came back fully rebuilt, but the bill has two different sized pistons on it, one for .5 over and one piston kit for .75 over. I am concerned that the pistons being different sizes the motor will not be balanced properly and just gernade shorter than inticipated. seadoo mechanic said he's baffled why they bored the cyliners two different sizes, and at most they should only be bored first over otherwise being a DI the motor will lean out. any advice on what to do would be great. thanks