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    SBT Piston Question

    I managed to squeak a PTO piston in my SBT SLT 750 engine today. I pulled it apart and the piston top is perfect, it looks like a four point seizure, but the worst scoring is above the exhaust port. I think I might get away with a just hone job on the cylinder. My question is about a replacement piston. I can get Weisco pistons locally which I prefer so I can get it going before the end of our summer. I know Weisco's require different piston to wall clearances than OEM. Are the SBT pistons like OEM or Weiscos? Also, there is a 1.0 stamped on the top of the piston. I see SBT's come is .5, 1.0 and 1.5mm sizes. Do I assume the pistons in there are 1.0mm over bores?


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    SBT pistons are more like stock in that they're cast not forged. Yes you are correct in assuming that your pistons are 1mm oversize.

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    Thanks! I can never remember whether Weisco's are cast or forged and vice versa. I guess I will take a pass on the Weisco. I appreciate the info!!

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    Why not post up and buy a new factory piston?

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