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    Unhappy 2002 polaris freedom starting problem

    Thank you in advance for any thoughts on this.
    We are having problems starting the wave runner. First of all it died on us and we had to push the reset button to get it to try to turn over. this happened four more times until it finally stayed running. The next day it started 2 times. However, it would not start for a few hours in between. It cranks but no fire. I have taken it to a mechanic and he says the starter is fine and it has no spark coming out. He states the CBI box and the coil would be the parts needed to be replaced here. But he is not certain yet. Anyone have any advice here?
    The machine is a cold blooded son of a gun, but, has never not started. Until now.
    stuck in cali

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    You can find more info and diagnostics in my signature links below.

    The Reset button should never pop out. It is there to protect against short circuits. In normal use, it never pops out.

    My guess is that the stator charging coil or the LR Start/Stop module has failed. Unplug and ohm test the stator coil (Yellow to Red/Purple wires, and to ground). If stator is good, then the LR voltage regulator module is suspect.

    A properly tuned Polaris should start fairly easily, even when cold. Choke is often required for cold starts, but long cranking before starting indicates something isn't right.

    Number one requirement is a strong battery. Battery voltage while cranking must be well over 10.6 volts, or you will not have spark. I recommend factory sealed AGM batteries, like the Odyssey PC625 or Deka ETX16LM.

    Try holding down the bilge button on the handlebar. The bilge pump should run. While holding down the bilge button, try starting the engine. Does it start?

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    thank you for your notes. I eill try this

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