hey i bought a lil 1997 searayder by sea ray jetboat with the sportjet 120 16' in it ,.,,
its the same set up as a wave runner

well here we go the boat pulled hard to the left or port .. and you would have to fight the wheel to the right go keep the boat going in a stright line,,, and you get out of the gas the boat will take a hard left,,, bad ,,, so i ajusted the steeering cable and i got it to go stright better alot better.,, not 100% but better the cable i think need repaced its just feels tight left to right,,, cable works and does it job... well if you are going across the lake in a stright line top end and back the gas off it takes a hard left... can some one help me it all looks good back buy the jet ,,, i need help. thanks