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    1999 1200 XLL rebuild problems...losing compression and stalling

    I rebuilt my 1999 XL 1200 Limited due to the 3rd cylinder oil line falling off. Removed the engine and flushed with oil, then mystery oil, then gas then mystery oil again. Cycled several rags through the cylinders to pick up loose debris and put everything back together and torqued to spec. I took it out to break it in and it ran fine for the first two trips. Idled for 15-20 minutes and shut it down for 2 hours. Idled out to the lake and varied throttle up to 1/4 throttle. Compression was 120 on all three. Took it out again for 30 mintues keeping speed slow then it died. It wouldn't start, so I paddled it back. Started up the next day and bogged down with the choke on and then sounded ok when the choke was off, but it acts like it is flooded and I'm down to 90-95 psi on all three cylinders. Charged battery and tested again and it is the same. Oside Bill rebuilt the carbs and I changed to premix, added d-plate and chip, pv clips and replaced most of the gaskets unless they looked new. I did not use gasket sealer or loctite. Probably stupid, but I couldn't find it and I had a free weekend to do the work so I just put it back together.

    Plug one and two look oily and the 3rd cylinder plug looks brand new with some premix on it. I checked and it is getting spark, but it looks like it hasn't fired. The piston looks like it has premix on it, so I believe I"m getting fuel.


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    if number 3 looks new its not firing,start engine up out of water with all 3 plugs in and wires on them, run engine 10 or 12 seconds,then quickly check to see if #3 spark plug is cold,if it is its not firing,check all your connections,and check wires and ignition coils,if all 3 coils are ok it might be cdi problem, fist see if its firing at all,if not start at plug cap and work your way backward to coil,cdi,stator etc.performing static test on each with ohm meter,I'm betting you have a loose ground or coil wire,if plug isnt firing>Marvin

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    wouldn't a decrease in compresshion across all 3 cylinders indicate lack of oil? What ratio are you running?

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    32 to 1 ratio. I was told to run that for the first tank and move up to 40 to 1 after that. As far as the plug, I pulled that plug and ground it to the motor. It appears to be getting a good spark. I have another electrical box that I pulled off my GPR. I believe they are the same, so I could try that. I'll fire it up tonight and check the temp of the 3rd plug.

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    I bled all the lines and sucked the fuel down to the carbs. There should be premix in all the lines all the way down to the carbs.7

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    Air leak? Thats about the only thing I can think of. I just got the leak test kit from Lowell Horning (love it) and for $110 shipped its not to expensive.

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    Would you hear an air leak? It sounded great and I didn't see any signs of leaks/oil. Do you think me pulling the cylinders off and using gasket sealer would do the trick?

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    you wont hear it.... if there is a leak at the case or the carbs, reeds etc... the engine will suck air instead of fuel, which would cause a lean condition, have you pulled the head to take a quick peak... take a pic of each cyl and post on here.... also i bet if you ask oside bill you can borrow his for the cost of shipping...

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    Quote Originally Posted by stlouisramsfan View Post
    .... also i bet if you ask oside bill you can borrow his for the cost of shipping...
    He just shipped it to me. I am hoping to put everything back together by this weekend and test it out...of course work is going to be insane hours this week, which leave little time for putting mine back together, but we'll see how it plays out.

    Lagernuts, hope it's an air leak and an easy fix. I know you just got that thing put back together.

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    Me too. I'll pull the head this weekend and see how it looks. I know it doesn't tell me much, but from what I can see in the plug holes I don't see and debris. I hate to do it, but I'm thinking I need to pull most of it out and use gasket sealer and loctite. It was stupid to not do that the first time, but I have the patience of a 5 yr old and couldn't find it right away.

    Would the airbox not being sealed up cause a problem? I had the lower sliding clamp closest to the front of the ski closed, but the box was not sealed.

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