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    Questions on a 2004 sportster with 155 4Tec

    Hello, just bought a 2004 sportster with the 4-TEC 155HP, has 60 hours on it. Never drove it yet but looking forward to it!! The seller used it in fresh water only and took it out of the water when not using it. I have done some reading on the forum about wear rings and impellers ect. My question is would I know if that service needed to be done?? What else should I expect when getting it into the water for the first time?? This would be my first jet boat.


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    You can do a visual inspection on the impeller & wear ring, if either have any large nicks or gouges in them you will loose some performance, my 03 sportser had 135 hours on it when I baught it and it was not taken care of at all, I had to replace the entire pump assembly, ride plate and intake grate do to salt water and put a head gasket on the engine but the person I baught it from was up front with the problems, for what I paid for it($2500.00) it was worth fixing and I was able to do most of the work myself, when the pump was put together the old impeller was reused, I could tell there was a problem the first time I had it out, so I replaced the impeller and it made a difference, check the anti-freeze and oil and run it, see what you think, I realy like mine just from the safty aspect of not having an outdrive sticking out the back to jump on and get hurt, once you get use to the way it handles you will really enjoy it, it's like a big jet ski, it's just a little under powered but there are no supercharger issues, mine has the wake tower on it and I can pull a 250 lb. person on a wakebaord with no problem

    Sorry to be so long but that's it in a nut shell

    David N

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    changng the impeller

    Was wondering if I should attempt to change the impeller myself? Dinged it up pretty good on the Colorado River this past weekend.

    Thanks for any feedback!

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