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    Riva GenII impeller

    Do you need any fuel system adjustments to run the Riva GenII supercharger impeller? Would I need to repitch my 14/19? Currently running 7800-8040, sometimes less, depending on our stupid bad humidity lately. Stage 1 with a thru hull.

    I was gonna have the Riva washers put in over the winter, currently have OEM metal. 30 hours on machine, so I don't need a rebuild yet. I don't wanna go with an X the time I get a used one that I wouldn't run without a rebuild, bigger injectors, upgrade from 3 to 4 air and a new prop it would be well over a grand. And I would be a little nervous about AFR's since our temp and humidity change so drastically, so that would be more money. I am wondering if I could just drop in a GenII impeller for a little more speed and acceleration? Maybe find one of those used and send it all to Jerry for the install and washers. If not, I will probably just get the washers swapped out and wait to the 100 hour rebuild.

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    I know this isnt what you want to read but I would get a new x-charger and a set of 42's and you would be set. I got a gen2 this spring and ended up replacing it with an x-charger after 20 hours. Regret buying it thats for sure. The x and 42's will work well and you dont need to run a 4inch intake, especially without the external cooler. I found the gen2 wheel to not be as good as I thought, it was a good wheel 4 years ago but there are alot of better options now imho.

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