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    With the 07 Introductions

    So we've seen the line-ups, what about what Polaris had in mind for us? As I recall this was the FS, which was next in line for release. Engine plant? Probably a V-4 from Weber as they were in bed together and Weber has had the V-4 on the dyno since may 05. I wonder how competitive it would have been, features and of course weight. I noticed the new and much improved front hook amongst some other things.
    Anywayyyyyy, here's to dreaming........

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    It looks really nice even for a clay model. I get a little bummed out every time I think about Polaris exiting the watercraft business. I sure wish I could go back in time and buy a new Pro 785, Pro 1200, Matrix and I'll take one of those Octanes thank you very much! Somebody wake me up as I must be dreaming.

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    Did Polaris win the world finals like ten years ago when they had brains enough to actually sponsor a race team or was it all a dream?

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    if this machine were in production in best still serious Polaris one of pwc, in the World although I continue being well faithful my MSX 140 2003

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