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    Yamaha FX SHO litle vibration and noise at 3000-4000 rpm

    Hi all,
    please I need help with my new FX SHO. It have only 4 moto hours, I breaked in engine like it is described in manual. Yamaha declare quiet engine without vibrations, but in 3000-4000 rpm i feel vibrations and noise. above 4000 it is normal without vibrations.
    Owners of FX SHO please give me an advice if it is my SHO OK or if there is some problem.
    I hear that best cruise and low fuel consumption on SHO is about 5000 rpm. For first 4 moto hours I had lost almost whole fuel tank of 70 liters.
    Thank you very much

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    the vibration and drone you are describing is 100% normal. Welcome to the hulk!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeFZR View Post
    the vibration and drone you are describing is 100% normal. Welcome to the hulk!

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    thanks very much.
    my first wave runner was FX HO 2004, it is totaly different cruising and everything. SHO is incredible, but I was not sure with new sound

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    Put new spark plugs in and see if changes the vibration and noise. Would like to know if it changes??

    Common issue with 1800sc motor.

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    I changed pump bearings, plugs, and am now looking at my AFR in that range and the motor is rich. All that done I am more convinced that there must be some rumble (vibration) that is normal.

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