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    Question 750 palaris water coming out the engine

    I just got this palaris 750 and water is squirting out the engine were the spark plugs go . can eanyone help?

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    welcome to the hulk!!

    did you just pick this ski up?

    how long has the water been in the motor? you need to getit all out asap!

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    Water in engine = bad.

    Water in engine for a long time = engine rebuild

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Was the water inside the engine when you bought it? If so, you got screwed.

    If you ran the engine on the garden hose and flooded the engine with water yourself, you need to act fast.

    1. get the water out ASAP

    2. fog the engine with fogging oil

    3. get the engine running right away to get rid of any water left inside.

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