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    shaft allignment

    I am worrking on a 1994 750 slt. I completely reworked the whole engine including replacing the crank shaft. At this point everything is done except for the outdrive. Where I completely took the engine apart, should I have to re allign the shaft and engine before bolting down the mounting nuts. I talked to a freind that works on sea doos but he has never worked on polaris pwc's. He said I should not worry about the allignment as long as I did not move the shims.

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    In general, checking the alignment is a good thing. Sometimes the alignment is out of whack from the factory, but if it has been running without driveline issues for years, then the alignment is probably within reason.

    If you keep the shims in the same positions, the engine should settle down to somewhere close to where it was before you took it out.

    Before you proceed, be sure to check the splines inside the coupler on the engine, and inside the impeller nose. Also check the drive shaft spliens for wear.

    It is a good idea to renew the seals in the through-hull bearing, and make sure the drive shaft is smooth where the seals will ride.

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    I noticed that I only have a drive shaft bumper is that ok and which end should i put in on if so.

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