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    Exclamation problems again please help would like to get in the water

    i got a 93 polairs sl 750 fuji motor all stock seems like once u fix one thing something goes out again i pulled the motor did some work and reinstalled it nothing worked on the dash before i pulled it and is still not working now it keeps beeping at me and not sure what that means the speedo or the fuel gauge does not work how do i test the stator and what could be the cause of this it does turn over it's hard to start working on building my own fuel line restrictor. a couple of people is saying i dont need a fuel line restrictor but it's hard to start and i dont got much to lose since i'm a auto mechanic not sure if i got that tap i got to look i order a 87.7 jet off e-bay today only paid 2.75 for it. so about my dash any ideas how do you test the stator?

    thank you for your help

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    does the MFD light up and show anything? Post pics

    when you start the ski, do you have a primer or choke, are you using them?

    Why do you think you need a restrictor?

    What are your compressions readings? Mag, Cent, PTO

    have you checked spark on all cylinders?

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    Please don't start a separate thread for each question and issue. It makes it hard for us to keep track of what has been done and said already.

    Please o please help me

    dash problems now great

    93 polaris sl750

    FUEL PROBLEMS please help want to get on the lake today

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