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    MSX 110 overheating

    Apologize for the number of posts but I mistakenly threadjacked a couple other threads concerning the same problem. The wire(single blue) that attaches to the thermostat sensor(number 25 in attached image) has become unattached from the metal cap that slides over the end of the sensor. I removed the cap and plastic retainer clip and noticed it was a mercedes benz part. After searching the interwebz for the part number, all I found was parts located in New Zealand and another foreign country. and actually not sure if it is the plastic part that covers the metal cap or the entire wire with the cap included. I would like to be able to resolder the wire back to the small cap but am unsure if that would work. Any suggestions? Any specific type of solder to use? (acid core, non acid, etc.) Would this wire being unattached from the metal cap cause an overheat message to display on the screen? I have checked to see coolant flowing into reservoir and water is flowing from flush hose to outlet at back of ski. I may need to buy a new wire with the small metal cap already attached but can't seem to locate that specific part anywhere. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Click image for larger version. 

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    You are looking for this part?
    0451945 Switch, Thermostat

    Priced at $75 from PartsPitStop

    More sources;
    Polaris PWC Parts Sources

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    Solder it back on, it is an easy job use resin cored 60/40 solder. You will only get engine RPM limiting when this cable is connected to ground. The over temp switch is a normally open device closing the contacts at a predetermined temperature ( around 65 degrees C I think) this will then limit your RPM Cheers

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