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    Smile polaris 1999 slh 700 in limp mode???

    Does the 1999 polaris slh 700 have a limp mode,and if so is there any way to bypass or defeat it as I have a ski that runs great but after 15 seconds goes into a 3000 rpm mode,its not carbs or fuel problem,Is there any option other than going with ignition upgrade kit??Thanks in advance guys>Marvin

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    I don't think that model has an RPM limiter. If it did, the limit RPM is higher, around 4500RPM.

    Follow the Tan wire from the temp sensor. Does it go anywhere other than to the MFD display? If Tan wire only goes to the MFD, then there is no RPM limiter.

    Does the CDI Red/Purple wire run to the Orange terminal? If yes, does holding down the bilge button affect the RPM limit problem?

    No ignition upgrade? Probably needs one.

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    First off thank you for help once again K447!!does anyone have the 700 without the upgrade that still runs ok or is the upgrade absolute must??I know they dont make the 4060148 controller anymore but I have access to a good 105552-02 which should work.If everyone is sure ignition system needs upgrade I will go that route,Thanks>Marvin

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    well I hhave never seen a carborator problem act like this polaris 700 I could have sworn it was the ignition,well upgrade is done,this ski didnt miss or surge,it would run exactly the same rpm to the 100 ,it needed upgrade to avoid future problems but that wasnt the cause>Marvin

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