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Thread: SXR pump issue

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    SXR pump issue

    Hi Guys

    First post here and hopefully some more, I am from the UK and have not long purchased an SXR.

    I had it out on the water last week jumping some waves and when I went back to the lake to flush it out I noticed that it was a bit rough and not running as fast as it used to.

    Anyway I noticed that one of the bolts was missing from the intake grate and it was a little loose at the pump end. Would this be enough to cause a severe lack of power.


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    do a compression test an eleminate the motor first.

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    seal the grate back up and try it also

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    Hi, thanks for the reply

    I done a compression test when i got home and it was 160psi on both pots, ski is stock by the way.

    I have had the pump bearings renenewed as they were very noisy and remved the sheared bolt so will be tesing tomorrow.

    hopefully this will eliminate any pump issues..

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