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    reinstalling jet pump

    When bolting it back in do i need to use any sillicone? It looks as if they use some grey stuff originally.1996 sl900

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    if you are talking about just the jet pump being bolted together I use a non hardening locktite on the threads, but if you are talking about. the pump assemble bolted to the ski you have to use some polyurethane epoxy in a tube, like sika flex, or 5200 from dow, It has to make a good seal to keep from cavatating,

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    The Pump base is sealed to the hull, then the rest of the pump body gets bolted to the base with those four long BOLTS.

    Normally you don't remove/unglue the pump base from the hull, unless it was damaged.

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    well i had to because im swapping it to a different hull

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