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    Idle Trouble with MR-1

    I have a 2004 AR230, same engine as the fx-140. To give a little history. Engine does not idle. it will start if idle is given and run ok and max out at 9000 while other (good engine) engine will run 10200. I swapped a lot of stuff between engines to see is problem was ignition coil, TPS, fuel pumps etc... nothing solved it. Did compression test and engine read 145-150 in every cylinder. other engine reads 190 acress the board.

    I have a YDS and engine reads no problems. BTDC is a little high compared to other engine. The bad engine is at around 11 with 2 degree carb opening. good engine is like 4 with 1.5 degree carb opening.

    Yamaha dealer tells me that the injectors are probably gummed. I ran injector cleaner through it but they said that wouldnt fix the problem.

    They also said that my compression isnt low and they have seen engines run with this compression..

    I told them i think the valves are off or arent closing causing the low compression across the board. They said that usually the engine never needs valve adjustment. My engines only have 85 hrs on them..

    any ideas on what it could be. Im so frustrated and the dealers keep telling me stupid stuff like change the plugs or clean air filter. (which I have already done) I feel like they dont want to do the work because its gonna be a hard job.

    Any ideas on what I can be causing this and how i should fix it???

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    Good luck and welcome to the forum.

    Wish I could help but I'm sure there are people here that can. If you have anything new that you find, post it.

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