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Thread: TDR waterbox

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    TDR waterbox

    Hey guys im thinkin bout gettin a new waterbox to complete my exhaust. I already have thru hull with stock box. I see alot of people are liking the riva box and only a few people have the TDR. I just want somethin to sound louder than what i have. I have been told the TDR is louder so that is what i am goin for. Ok on there website there is two style boxes. One is a "Baffled Silencer" and the other is called "Power Spray". Sounds like the power spray is the one i am lookin for. But when u go to the option to choose what ski, the FZ models are not there? Do i need to call them or is there another site im missin out on? And bout how much does the TDR box go for? Thanks

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    you will like the riva, quality very nice.

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    I like my Riva waterbox, everybody will know you arrived at the sandbar. I would not want anything louder than the Riva, I ride with a FZR that has a TDR and is like 20% percent louder than Riva.

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    PM Green Hulk. I rode with him at Mudbug and the TDR waterbox on his FZR is loud, though it sounds good. He might even sell it to you. lol.

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    i believe jerry allready sold the tdr waterbox..

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