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    2004 MSX 150 low compression has 17hrs on engine

    Looking at a 2004 MSX 150 that is for sale. There is a problem with the ski the person selling the ski is telling me that there is a coating on the cylinder walls that has come off causing it to loose compression.The ski only has 17 hours on it. This person has not taken the head off to verify just guessing that is the problem. Has anyone seen this and is this a posible defect? I have done major work on both of my other skis so I would be doing the work myself. How much would a ski in this condition be worth?

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    Yes, this is common, Watcon sell sleeves to line the cylinders or you can go down the re plating path.
    This will only be an economical project if the piston ring assemblies are recoverable.
    Count on needing a timing chain link,head gasket and exhaust gaskets. If it has been sitting a while make sure the turbo compressor wheel has not suffered from corrosion and is in good condition. I have seen these engines that sat too long in a failed state and the valve stems have also been pitted to a degree you would not use them. If all looks OK go for it? I love the MSX 4 strokes

    What would I pay? $1000 for a low hour one like this and budget $2000 for repair if you do the work, you may get away with less.

    Once finished you will have a nice nearly new ski with the weak point removed.

    If you want to verify the nickasil failure insert a magnet through the spark plug hole and you will pick up some plating flakes. Refrain from spinning the motor over to much as all this does is lodge the nickasil flakes in between the piston and ring and can be frustrating to remedy. You cant buy the original rings separately from the pistons (sit down brace yourself and price the assemblies) so be careful.


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