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    Cool Anyone having wastegate or turbo issues?

    I have two honda arx1200t3 that are giving me turbo problems. What i did was send out the wastegate and turbo to be rebuilt! The people i sent the turbos out to did a great job! Only one problem the actuators are f**ked up! I couldnt figure out why the ski would surge at 5500rpms and not throw a code! One ski did throw a code 25 which is a actuator solenoid! Now the only reson it threw that code was becuase for the actuator to open it needs 8.7psi to open! The actuator was not doing that! If you put your meter to your wastegate solenoid vdc put your landyard in turn the ski on and check the voltage going to your wastegate solenoid while its connected! Your voltage should increase every time you give it gas! It starts at 0.35 and at full throttle 10.55! If you conduct this test you will know right away that your actuator is bad! You can aliminate all other components! Ok now where in the hell can i find actuators? Honda only sells the turbo and wastegate with a new acutator! Cost is $3000.00 ouch!!!!!!!!! Well if anyone knows anyway to get actuators or know of any aftermarket stuff please hit me back!

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    The wastegate actuator is controlled by a 0-12 PSI [boost air] control signal from the waste gate solenoid. The WGS is controlled by a PWM signal from the ECM [that is a Pulse Width Modulation signal] that can only be measured with a frequency measuring meter. I would test your waste gate by putting 15 PSI of air pressure on it and see if the actuator strokes it's shaft out 3/8" to open the wastegate. Nitro has posted a sticky on a simple waste gate soleniod check proceedure on here and PWCTODAY.COM.

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