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    96 Wave Venture Dies at Zero Throttle

    A friend of mine is bringing me a 96 Wave Venture to work on. He he had it in the shop where they have cleaned the carbs, rebuilt fuel pump, and replaced cdi. He says it will only crank with the throttle opened up and will never idle. He can be running at any speed and if he lets completely off the throttle, it instantly dies. He also said it will run on the trailer with no resistance from the water, and if moving pretty fast when it dies, will restart very quickly. Sounds like a simple carb problem to me, but surely the 'real' mechanic should have fixed that. Does anyone have anymore suggestions as to what may be the issue? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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    idle adjustment screw. It is on the front side of the front carb. Turn it to set the idle, to around 1200-1300 rpms warmed up.
    If you adjust it cold it will probably run at a higher rpm once it is warmed up.

    It may be under an air box. Not sure how your skis is setup.

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    I will definitly check this. I have a jet boat with twin engines, and there is a port for each one that will allow you to run it on the water hose. Does this ski have the same capability?

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    should have one under the rear seat on top of the hull. setting idle speed is part of the periodic maintenance. If they cleaned the carbs (including the carb rack) they probably messed with the screw and/or regreased it, if they did not put it back in the water, then this is probably the cause. You can get it close out of water, but everytime I have put it on the hose and set the idle speed I have to change it once i put it in water.

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