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    New to PWC need help

    I'm new to the PWC world as I am a tournament bassman. I just purchased 2 SeaDoo, 1996 SP and a 1994 GTS for my wife and kids.

    1. Both run but the GTS will die if you start off giving it full throttle. Is this caused by carbaration?

    2. How hard is it to replace seat covers (Skins).

    3. Would like to purchase a new handle bar cover for the GTS. Where can I get it.

    4. What is the recommended 2 cycle oil for these? I use Royal Purple in my BassBoat.

    5. Is there anything that I need to be aware of concering these PWCs?


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    1 your stalling problem could be a carb issues on a ski that old it probably time for a rebuild of the carbs your question was very vague does this happen only at startup if so remember 2 strokes are cold natured no matter how hot outside it is I suggest cranking them up on the ramp before you launch let run 10 seconds or so this will do two things first let you now they will run before taking it of the trailer and it will put a little heat in the motor making them easier to start once in the water also dont just crank one up and expect to be able to give it full throtle give it minute or so to get used to the colder than air water you just put it in
    2 take your seats to a local upholstry shop they should have marine grade vinyl and shouldn't be more than 100 each to recover you never know ask for a discount on doing both especially during the off season
    3 your handle bar pad is no longer made by sea doo you can call this guy he has alot of used sea doo parts (Martin 847-791-7810) tell him you were recommended by John in Augusta Georgia you can also find these on ebay sometimes you might have to check back daily untill one is posted these things are becoming rare especially if in excellent condition
    4 as long as you have a TCW rating on your oil your ok Amsoil is the best but Royal Purple is also very good
    5 take care these like you would your bass boat winterize them wash wax them keep them covered when not in use the better you treat them the longer they will last and still look good

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    Thanks John. I'm now looking for carb rebuild kits. Both skis have the 587 motor and probably have never had anything done to the carbs.


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    OTG, welcome to the 'Hulk and the best of both worlds:

    I can't answer your set of questions as I have no 2 stroke experience. But, I too, was raised on bass fishing. Now, I've managed to combine it w/PWCing... and love it.

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