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    760 Carb Adjusment after converting Premix

    iv been having a lot of trouble getting my ski to run as well as it did when i first bought it 2 months ago. it was already converted to premix when i got it and running great but i messed around with the lo/hi screws and havent been able to hit anything passed 45 since. i know each ski is different and the premix ratio affects the tunning as well. but i was hoping someone here could give me a suggestion as to how many turns out i should set the low and hi settings.

    according to another thread i see the factory settings are:
    760 - Low Speed – 1-5/8 +/- ¼
    High Speed – 3/8 +/- ¼

    im running a 50:1 ratio and would like to know how many turns out u suggest?


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    Is there a tach on that thing? I know they are not deadly accurate, but if it has one, what's the highest RPM it is showing?

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    fctory settings are 1 3/4 +/- 1/4 lows and 1/2 +/- 1/4 highs so what you will do is set up at 2 turns lows and 3/4 turns highs-go run it then turn in lows at 1/8 increments until you find the sweet spot then do the same for your highs also turn your idle screw up 1/4 to 1/2 turn helps get a better feel for low settings need to be about 1500 rpms in water then ultimately get a good tach at least a commercial tiny tach(updates every 1/2 second versus every 2 second for original tiny tach) this is the only way to fine tune your highs-also stock rpms are 6350 for your 760-big mark

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    I tuned mine tied to a tree in a river. Dont you have to do this under load?

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    you can tie it down to trailer and back it into water at ramp to simulate load and tune lows but not very effectively-its best to tune on water the old fashion way

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    thnx i set the lows at 2 and hi at 1 for now. yesterday when cleaning the carbs i noticed one of the hi screws was missing an o-ring... is this an issue?

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