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    Exclamation General Shipping Tips

    How NOT to ship:

    In light of recent events, I thought it might be a good idea for everyone to throw their 2 cents in on shipping tips. Here are my thoughts, let's hear from everyone else.

    DO pack well. Save your bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts in a big box and don't be afraid to use it. Crumpled up newspapers won't really cut it with some of the heavy parts we are dealing with. You can use cardboard from old boxes to brace objects in the box.

    DON'T advertise what is in the box! That's just asking for someone to take it if they know what it is. If it's a prop in a box that says "Solas", then pack that box inside another. I have a pile of boxes from Amazon and other places that I keep for shipping. Speaking of that,

    DO use a good, solid box. None of these ones that look like they have been used a dozen times, or something so flimsy that it will tear open during shipping. If you don't have any saved, hunt them up behind the grocery store. Really good, tough boxes can be found at the local hospital too; just hunt up the central supply department and tell them you need some boxes.

    DO tape it up well. Reinforce the tape holding the box together if necessary, and don't make it easy for someone to peek in at what you got.

    DO make it easy to read the shipping address. If you are using UPS or FedEx, they will print one out for you; if using USPS, then print it neatly on a shipping label or a large blank area on the box. Include your return address!

    DO use tracking numbers, and insure it if it's valuable enough. At the very least, use delivery conformation unless it's something cheap enough that you aren't worried about it getting lost. As a shipper, protect yourself, so you can prove that you sent it and that someone recieved it.

    Post Office Flat Rate Boxes are great for parts, since a lot of our parts are very heavy and it ships for a flat rate up to 70lbs. Just use tracking or delivery conformation as needed.

    I've had good luck with both FedEx and UPS, but I couldn't tell you which one is cheaper. I'd like for people who use them a lot to weigh in with thier opinions.

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    Woody should post up some stuff he's seen lately.

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    Great post pay it forward!! I would love to find that box!!!

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    Pack your parts expecting the delivery employees to treat your shit like a demolition durby car or an early xmas gift.

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    Must have have a little too much to drink last night; I thought the title of this was general shi**ing tips.

    Thought someone knew something I should know. HAHAHA.

    Carry on.

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