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    Carb question

    I have been trying to find a rebuild kid for the carbs. on my 97 slt 780. But when it comes down to it im not to sure what type of rebuild kit to look for. I know I have the Fuji engine but im not to sure what type of kit to look for, I know Mikuni and Keihin both make kits but im not to sure which one would apply for my engine. Any help would be appreciated. thanks

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    I don't know what is in the rebuild kits but you can go to and just order the parts that you need. I took mine apart and the only thing I needed was a couple gaskets since they ripped when I removed them and a couple screws that I stripped out

    Take it apart, clean everything out and inspect jets, adjuster pins, diaphragms, pop off pressure, etc. if anything looks worn out or broken just order those parts.

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    RCJS now has polaris specific carb kits here. genuine mikuni parts. i am putting kits together with ONLY parts needed to rebuild the SBN polaris carbs. ( no need to pay lots for un needed parts). comes with needed diaphragm, o-rings, check valve, needle and seat, spring, etc. 45.00 per carb.

    i also have genuine mikuni pump rebuild kits here for your octagon fuel pump.

    please email, or call if i can help.

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