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    Riva Sponsons on gp1200

    How big of a difference do the Riva sponsons make on a gp1200? Is it just handling differences or what?

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    For the casual rider/cruiser, the aftermarket sponsons will actually make your boat go slower then the stockers. The stockers are more than enough for the job. It is when you enter into competition that you can tell the difference.

    The aftermarket sponsons help you to hold a tight line when you are navigating around bouys. Even though you may loose a little speed in straight runs, you more than make up the time when you can slice your way around the track. This is very important when there are other racers litterally 5 feet away from you while you are going into a turn at high speed. Holding your own line in these circumstances inspires confidence in you riding abilities.

    Shame on you if you find yourself in this situation with stock sponsons.......

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