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    Thumbs up Error Code 63 - FXHO 2007

    Whike towing a wakeboard in shallow water the engine alarm went off - power was limited and the iddle was spinning at around 4K RPM.

    Took the ski to a mechanic - error code 63 - he exchange the TPS sensor, but the problem persists.

    It idles at various speeds on its own and then the engine warning will come on.

    I then took it to the local Yamaha dealership - they are telling me that I need to exchange the entire Throttle Body Assembly for a final price of around $3K.

    Can anyone help pinpoint some other options or possible causes / solutions other than spending the $3K?

    Thank you for all the help!

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    Code 63.......... Intake air system malfunction

    Did the dealership tell you what the specific problem was with the throttle bodies? The only reason for changing the entire assembly would be if the throttle bodies were damaged or cracked........not a common problem.

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    RE: Error Code 63 - FXHO 2007

    The mechanic at the dealership stated that there are 'manny small components and sensors in the assembly that could cause the problem and pinpointing the cause would not be possible...".

    The assembly is not cracked or damaged - what could be causing the symptoms?

    Thank you

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    Anyone- please?

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