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    Is the oil pump block-off (to go premix) a worthwhile modification?

    How do you Polaris guys feel about premix vs. oil injection? I know certain Yamaha models are prone to losing an oil line, but are there any known problems with Polaris models? My boat is a 2000 Virage TX (1200) with high compression heads. I don't mind mixing premix, as I have a garage full of dirt bikes that run on the stuff, but I was wondering if it was worth converting the ski. I don't want to create a problem where none currently exists. Thanks!

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    Maintain the Polaris oil injection system, and it will be fine.

    Make sure the hose clamps are all good, the hoses are in good condition, and the oil filter is changed from time to time.

    And use a good quality 2-stroke oil, of course.

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    The Mikuni pump is very reliable, and part of your maintenance should be to check the oil hoses. I personally change them every other year on my stuff. It's reliable and convenient. The bad wrap that the oil injectors get is because guys don't do any maintenance to them, and after 7 to 10 years of neglect, it fails. (and it's normally a hose that falls off, not a bad pump)

    But the real question is... I know you said TX... but is it the carb model, or the injected??? If it's carbs, it's up to you... if it's injected, then you have to leave it hooked up.

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