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    Unhappy Need help! Please!

    I need to know if there is an after market actuator available for the honda arx1200t2? Honda sells the whole wastegate with turbo and actuator! The cost is $3000.00!!! I just need actuators!! Do they make aftermarket actuators that are better than the factor ones and if so where can i find them?? Please someone help!!!!

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    There are a couple of guys on PWCTODAY.COM that have marketed kits to adapt a Subaru wastegate actuator to the Honda turbo. BTW the turbo is $2,100 from Honda of East Toledo and $1,800 on ebay not 3k. You also might call Promod to see if he has one.

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    1 , ask for John, about $238 shipped to your door. Actual actuator is replaceable for about 50 bux each after that if you do it yourself. John furnishes entire kit drop in replacement.

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