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    What impeller pitch.

    Hi. Have a question for all you guru's. I have a 2006 RXP with mostly handling mods (trimmed reverse gate, sponsons, intake grate, filled holes, etc) and the rear exhaust. Ever since I've owned this ski it cavitates on acceleration, but once it gets moving it takes off like a rocket. I bought it in January of 2007 so I never rode the ski before I tore it apart, painted it and added the mods. It came home from the dealer went in the garage and got tore apart, so I don't know how it preformed before mods. I just haven't had the time or money to mess with lately, I didn't even get to ride it last year, but I want to fix this issue this winter.

    Should I replace the impeller with a new one or just send mine out to get re-pitched and if so what do you all recommend? Also this ski seems to get little pieces of trash stuck in the impeller more than my XP Limited does. Anyone else seem to have that issue. It sucks, because if something gets stuck in the XPL I can usually muscle it on it's side to get it out, but the RXP is such a pig it takes 3 people to put it on it's side.

    Thanks in advance


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    No suggestions?

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    How's the wear ring? Getting trash in there will ruin one pretty quick

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    What r's are you seeing?...what gps speeds?

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