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    750zxi v/s 1100zxi

    ok what give's my bro-in-law has a 750zxi never been touched all stock and it will run about 55 to 57 mph by gps and i just got a 1100zxi both are 95's actually it a 900zxi hull with a 1100zxi motor i have yet to put it in the water still needs carbs rebuilt but i hear everyone sayn that the 1100 will do upwards of 60mph how is this possible i was thinkn maybe close to 70mph for the 1100 am i wrong and why won't itor is it even possible to achieve this i'd really like to know can someone tell me thanks

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    The 1100's off the showroom floor had a top speed of about 58-59mph(radar). Back in the late 90's when I raced the 1100's, full blown superstock zxi's were lucky if they hit 70. The zxi was ill handling once you got into the mid-60's. Add surf or heavy chop and it was like riding a bucking bronco!

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    ok just wanted to know i've never really known his to be rough it's always been pretty smooth riding it.thats why i bought this 1100 . I have a polaris sl750 thats now a 795 and sence i got done with it it's a real rocket ship not much top about 56mph but getting there now thats the fun part but it sucks in smooth water and rough water it loves jumping wave's and does it very well i might add. but i wanted somthing bigger and faster for a little more ridding time and i've always liked the zxi

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