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    Variable water injection system on GP1300R

    From Factory Pipe

    "The purpose of an "expansion chamber" is to return to the exhaust port a negative sound wave then a positive sound wave at precisely the right time. If the pressure wave returns too late, you lose some of the fresh fuel charge in the combustion chamber and performance. If the wave returns too soon, it pushes hot exhaust gas back into the combustion chamber contaminating the fresh charge and creating hot spots on the piston.

    The challenge to the pipe designer is to arrive at the proper exhaust tuning that will return the sonic waves at the correct time. This challenge is made all the harder by many impeller/nozzle combinations, engine configurations, riding conditions and rider preferences.

    Traditionally, if you wanted low RPM torque and high RPM horsepower, it required several pipes. A few of our competitors cast rings into their pipes to achieve pipe tuning by "cut and try". In 1992 Factory Pipe introduced the first truly tunable pipe using our variable water injection system.

    This system allows you to modify where and how much water injects into the exhaust by the turn of a set screw. Where our competition had you change the length of the pipe, the Factory Pipe allows you to vary the exhaust gas temperature which in turn changes the sonic wave speed within the pipe. Changing the sonic wave speed within the pipe has the same tuning affect as changing the length of the pipe"

    From Riva

    "Single Point System injects water into exhaust manifold or head pipe at lower rpm to cool exhaust, producing a slower sonic wave for great torque. At high rpm the water is shut off to let the sonic wave travel faster for more top-end horsepower.

    Dual Point System injects water into exhaust water box at higher rpm reducing exhausts flow creating more back pressure for increased acceleration and top speed. Both kits feature adjustable injection controls to fine tune your combination, install easily and deliver big results. Complete installation instructions and necessary hardware included."

    From R&D

    "On the exhaust side of the engine is a set of fully water-jacketed Factory Pipe dry triple pipes. Jet Works water-control valves are connected inline with the waterline feeding the pipes’ stingers to limit the amount injected at lower water pressures. The three chambers are each routed to the OE waterbox, which has been modified with three inlets. Since this modification eliminates the need of a Factory Pipe exhaust collector, and subsequent backpressure associated with it, Beaumer installed reducers in the stinger of the three chambers for maximum peak power. The waterbox also has two water injection fittings plumbed into it, one on each side of the internal baffle. Water is injected by means of two solenoids activated by a Factory Pipe ECWI controller at 7,100 rpm. The engine receives its cooling via two half-inch waterlines from the pump and three 3/8-inch water lines off the heads dump water overboard via three bypasses for the exhaust system, one off of each chamber."

    Which system are the best to keep the sonic waves at the correct time on a GP1300r 01, factory pipe with collector, 01 waterbox, stock OEM carbs, dynafly 14/20???

    Why riva sale one water injection system that at high rpm the water is shut off and other that injects water at higher rpm???

    What jet sizes I suppose to use on the Factory Pipe exhaust for this configuration???

    Which Waterbox are the best for this configuration???

    Is a good idea to modify the water box and connect the exhaust pipe direct to waterbox like Rius and Riva (Riva Custom Waterbox Assy FIN1200GPR1)???

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    Chris,those writeups are pretty old.
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    Welcome to the Forum !

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    Do you currently have tripples on your ski? List your current mods with GPS and Tach numbers and I am sure you will get all the advice you need.

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    Water injection has always been a mystery to me. I suspect there's power to be had with a tuned system, but I don't think anybody has fully explored this option.

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    water injection

    Micro Touch at
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