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    challenger 180 performance problem

    Boat has approx 12 hours on it - every 2 hours spark plugs need to be replaced - top speed is supposed to be 50 at best we see maybe 38 mph - RPMs at half spec - computed diagnostics reveals nothing

    boat is used infrequently, in salt water and is stored on land between uses -

    Can anyone help - give some suggestions??

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    Id Check the Super Charger.Hope the clutches did not break

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    how does this relate to spark plugs?

    How does the supercharger relate to spark plugs and cause plug replacement so often? thx

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    what happens every 2 hours that u need to replace the spark plugs? wont start? wont idle? runs like crap?

    what are your RPMS when the throttle is pushed open all the way?

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    it starts and sounds rough at idle- push the throtle all the way and somtimes it's 10-12 mph at6000 rpm. I'll test plugs by pulling a boot-no change on 2 usaully. limp back to the dock, change the plugs, runs ok for several hours then loses power again.

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