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    Question 93 polaris pre mix questions

    i got a 93 polairs sl750 and i just went to premix what ratio do i use i was told 1qt to every 10 gallons of gas and i was post to put the oil in the jet ski and then add the 10 gallons of gas so it gets mixed up on the way to the lake also i caped off the oil pump and the lines of the carbdo i need to pull that shaft out of the motor before i cap it off and when i do cap off the pump do i need to put some rtv on it so it wont leak? what do i do with the oil sensor so it wont beep at me and let me know it's out of oil? do i cross the wires or leave them open to make the computer think it has oil. Also what do you do with the oil tank do you leave it in the ski or just take it out? i'm not to the pre-mix the reason for pre-mix is cause the pto cylinder is filling up with oil in the block and the vaccum line is sucking it up and my fuel pump the triple out put is getting oil in it and i'm left stranded in the lake cause of the fuel pumps full of oil not going back to that so tell me more about pre mix please thank you?

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    also do i need to re adjust my carbs if i run premix?

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    Lots of previous threads have discussed converting to pre-mix.

    The fuel to oil ratio is 40:1 for pre-mix

    You need to remove the oil pump, and install an oil pump block off kit. They are not expensive, and include the gasket and block off plate.

    The oil level Sender can just be unplugged to silence the oil warning buzzer (non-MFD models only, like your 1993).

    Oil tank can be emptied and left in place, or taken out.

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    Correct ^^^^^^^^

    And yes, you will need to adjust the carb screws just a touch to compensate for the oil in the fuel.

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