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    Lost my idle, was running fine. Please share if you experienced this.

    92 yamaha wave 111 idles fine out of the water, stalls under load in the water.
    Used to run fine. All that has changed since trouble started is put on new
    throttle cable. Dont think they are related because i adjusted the idle on the
    carb to idle in the water but went to flush it out of water and it revved to a scary
    level. Never did that before when it ran right. Checked compression and was suprisingly high. 154 and 160. (may not be testing correctly, i just shut off gas, ground the plug wire, insert comp tester and turn it over) When i did the compression check the plugs looked wet but that could be just because i still use the oil injector. The carb is brand new. Ran about 1/2 season with no problems, no plugs fouling. What would cause this thing to not idle unless the idle screw is almost screwed all the way in. Fuel system is all only 1/2 season old. New lines, new filter. Did not change what ever is in the tank. I never let the fuel sit long untreated. It now bogs a little when gunned but comes out of it well and goes like a bat outta hell. Any ideas? This is an old ski i got used, the only things i havent messed with are the pickup tube and the what i think is called the driveline, as in impeller, wear rings, jet pump. I hate to mess with the mixture screws since i had the same set up running great for a little while. Thank
    you for your advice.

    Parts installed in restoration:
    new fuel lines, carb, filter, motor mounts, coupler, temp sensor, battery, starter, oem coil n wires, plugs, throttle cable, choke cable, oil pump, oil lines, oil one way valves, start stop switch, starterrelay thingamajiggy in the cdi, head gasket, reed manifold gasket.

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    I've seen something like this happen to my idled badly and no jetting adjustment could make it go away. Turned out to be an air leak at the carb. Sprayed WD40 at the base of the carb and found that the WD40 was sucked into the carb through the gasket..... the engine would rev when he did it. Retorqued the carb and the problem went away. Spray at the carb gasket and crank seals. This might be it.

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