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Thread: Ruff Idle

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    Ruff Idle


    I ran my ski for about an hour and all was well. I let go of the throttle to just idle around and noticed that the vibration of my engine was a little higher then normal. I had some one tow me in.

    I checked my compression and its 115 across the bored. Its been that since I bought it so don't think I have any funny business in the cylinders. Checked the plugs and they look normal caramel type color and they were slightly wet with fuel.

    Started the engine and it still fires right up. I notice that its coughing from a Ruff idle were the engine is rattling higher then normal to a correct calm idle. It like bounces back and forth.

    Any ideas on what I should check into next? The only thing I have done different is I ran 40:1 ratio on the premix oil and fueled up at the shell. I normally run 50:1

    Thanks Guys

    02 GP1200R
    Riva Free Flow
    Rive Stinger 3
    Oil pump block off
    primer kit
    wave eater clips
    Amsoil Interceptor

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    115 psi is low... Did you hold the throttle open when testing ?

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    Yes sir. I held the throttle. Ive been waiting until off season before I trigger a top end rebuild.

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    It could be something as simple as your idle speed being to low. Do you know what your rpms are on the hose when ideling or what they are on the water?

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    I will check it when I get home. What should the RPM's be on the trailor?

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    relatively high compared to in the water.. i'm guessing 1300ish in the water, but not sure on the trailer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny5 View Post
    I will check it when I get home. What should the RPM's be on the trailor?

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