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    RXP 3/4 under water need help ASAP

    Ok may sound like a broken record but this what happen today I have two rxp's tied to a boat one was facing the back of the boat correctly the other had the rear facing the boat driver took off durign the storm and the last one facing the wrong way went down into the water hull was filled with water. We got it to shore on a trailer pulled the drain plugs and let all the water out. However when it was in the water i had put the key in the machine so i would lose it stupid i know but i was out on the middle of the lake and freaking out. BUT I did not attempt to start it out there. Just put the key in. I check the plugs and oil to make sure no water was in them. Oil was normal color not milky or anything. Tried to start it and it does nothing the gauges light up and no warning signs or beeps. When I hit the red button does nothing. PLEASE HELP ASAP ANYONE THAT CAN REPLY ILL EVEN GIVE MY CELL NUMBER IF NEED JUST NEED HELP.

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    dude spray librally with wd40 over everything! then let it dry, make sure u cover all engine and electrical components!!! make sure no water in the inlet manifold, strip air system and check supercharger. when ur sure no more water, check ur engine oil again is the usual level, if u havent started the craft it wont be milky even if water is present, but if level is to high then there is water present, I would change oil anyway to be safe.

    once all that done try starting making sure battery is fresh. if nothing u gonna have to go to the starter motor to check feed!

    theres summit to start with, goodluck!

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