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    MSX110 Fuel pump running continuously

    Im having a few issues with my fuel pump on my MSX 110.
    As soon as I connect the battery the pump starts and does not stop. The fuel rail regulator is bypassing the fuel. I dont have a pressure gauge but if I slightly crimp the supply hose and increase pressure the pump still does not stop. The pressure is definately increasing as its starting to weep fuel around fuel line joins which I dont get when running normally. I was reading in another thread that there is a regulator in the pump, could this cause this cause the pump to run all the time. On 2 occasions out of around 10 while trying to find the issue the pump had stopped.
    Thanks for any feedback.

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    Sounds like one of the control modules is failing.

    I am not a Weber engine expert, but there is some info posted on various threads around here, and some in the links from my signature.

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