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    ????? R3 Reflash ?????

    I really have'nt seen a thread discussing all changes from the R2 to the R3 other than boost capabilities. What other changes are the?

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    fuel timing ,boost/rpm limit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teerayoot View Post
    fuel timing ,boost/rpm limit
    What rpm,more timing than the R2?

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    R&D ECU Reprogramming
    R&D is proud to announce the release of the R1, R2, and new R3 Yamaha FZR/SHO ECU Reprogramming Services. The research and development team at R&D have developed High Performance ECU programs that allow new performance levels to be reached through reprogramming the Stock ECU. The new R3 program is an addition to the highly popular R1 and R2 programs. The new R3 will allow the enjoyment of a race inspired RPM limit setting of 8850 as well as “removing” the internal boost limiter completely, allowing R&D Monster Supercharger Wheels to work to full potential. Ignition timing is altered to higher specifications designed to work well with the new R&D Twin Prop. Ignition specs on the top end are set up specifically and tuned for the all new R&D C5 drop-in wheel or any other wheel claiming 18 pounds of boost. Peak Ignition timing is designed to utilize high grade 91-93 Octane pump gas, or 100 LL Aviation gas (depending on performance levels). R3 Programs offered are recreational performance tuned to safe AFR values, and can be further custom tuned (richer or leaner) with the addition of the R&D Powershot to accommodate various performance packages. Existing customers who have purchased an R&D Powershot Fuel Control Unit, can send their Powershot in to R&D for free upgraded re-programming to allow custom fuel tuning to work with the new ECU Programs. R&D Powershot Fuel Control Units are not required on base entry (R1) programs using stock or C1 Wheels. However, custom fuel tuning can be an add-on or additional upgrade that is suggested for higher performance applications. Fuel tuning or AFR conditions should always be checked and verified as values will always be slightly different from one craft to another.

    Higher performing “RACE” programs are also under development and will be announced through updates on the R&D website, so stay tuned. R&D strongly suggests that AFR tuning be periodically verified using Innovate Products LM1 or LC1 logging kit also available from R&D. The new R3 Programs are specifically targeted for the recreational rider or offshore racer who wants to run 15-18 pound boost wheels with a Twin Prop or equivalent and remain reliable on pump gasoline. R&D has paid careful attention to peak ignition timing settings in the 8300-8800 rpm range and maintained a safe timing setting while adding aggressive timing in the acceleration areas to pull Twin Props. R&D can also custom the set the rev limiter upon request. Performance testing in the 15-18 pound boost range and 8500-8600 RPM range has been extremely successful. Internal map scaling has been increased to 210 KPA, and AFR values in the 12.0 range have been easily achieved with the R&D RRFPR, Powershot and Stock Injectors.

    NOTE: If you are not running or planning on running a Twin Prop setup or any other Custom multi-vain Pump setup, the R3 is not for you.

    There is a few things you can read about.... I know it does not answer your question fully, does not state how much more advanced timing the R3 has over the R2 or stock ECU, it would be nice to see a video or or have someone speak a little more frankly about there experience going from and R2 to and R3.

    PS the note says you practicly has to run a Twin Prop, is it really that necessary ? Im very happy how my Solas is reacting to acceleration with my R2 Setup.

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    thanks, even thought twin prop does'nt sound much recreational. Let hear from those who have switch over to R3.

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    R&D can also custom the set the rev limiter upon request
    that so cool,i will custom request for 9000 RPM limit

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