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    2000 genesis ficht codes 81 82 83 please help!!

    last night i erased all codes from emm i am quite sure since i got a 11 code when i was done i put her in the lake this am and idled fine when i got to open it up i got another check engine light. at high rpm it seemed to have a hesitation or miss a little bit and seemed to come out of it somewhat. i brought it back to the dock and hooked up to scan codes. i got a codes 81 82 83. is there a simple way to determine why these codes came back up. i erased 81 82 83 last night. machine seems to run pretty good other than the top end (miss).any help is very much appreciated. thanks again

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    Those are ignition coil codes;

    I would start by removing, cleaning, and re-grounding the ignition coil grounding tabs, and the cylinder head boss and bolts that they ground to.

    Pay special attention to the ground wire from the EMM wire harness to the coil bracket.

    Improving the ignition coil grounding on 1165cc (1200) Ficht engines

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