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    Bottom End Rebuild Ultra/STXR

    So I reassebled my bottom end yesterday in my 2004 STXR. I replaced 2 crank seals on the PTO end when doing so. Once I got everything bolted together the crank seemed a bit tight to turn. I can turn the crank pretty easily with one hand but I was expecting it to turn really easy since everything is on bearings. Any advice on how tight this should be. I can always split the crank again, but that's a PITA to do that, clean it, and reseal everything. I just want to make sure a crank seal isn't pinched or something. please help.

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    There should be slight resistance. Dont forget, it may be on bearings, but there is still a bit of friction in the bearing because of the weight of the bottom end parts, as well as friction from the seals. If you have the cylinders on, you are also feeling the friction from the rings on the cylinder wall and from compression. I would say if you can turn it fairly easily with one hand, you are ok.

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    You don't feel any 'tight' spots or anything like that, do you?

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