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    94 Raider 700 sputtering with acceleration ??? as to cause

    I have a stock raider 700. It ran great for 15 minutes. Then after sitting for maybe 5 minutes it will now run at a slow speed, but if you open up the throttle all the way, it just rocks and shakes and sputters.

    I brought it home and reset the carbs to the factory settings. It runs great on the trailer with the hose attached.

    They were taken back out today and it ran great for a while and then the same thing is happening. With sputtering. I came home and on the trailer it starts right up and seems to have no issues.

    Any ideas???

    One concern I have is it may be overheating. The gauge doesn't work anymore.

    Does anyone know if I would hear a beeping sound or something if it were overheating???

    Any ideas or suggestions. Please let me know.

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    Hopefully someone has some ideas out there.

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