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    SL 750 Running on Two Cylinders at Idle

    I have a 1995 SL 750 that is running on two cylinders when at idle and when trying to get up onto plane. Once the engine RPM climbs and the ski is up on plane you can hear and feel the third cylinder come on. She runs real fast and stays on three cylinders until you let off on the throttle, then it will drop back to two cylinders. If you keep it on plane and then throttle up again, the third cylinder will come back on. I have strong spark on all three cylinders. Does anyone have any suggestions or have had this same problem. I need help. Thanks.

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    Sounds like the carburetors need to be taken apart and cleaned internally.

    If you have not yet rebuilt the carbs, now is the time to do so. Running with a partially clogged carb risks engine damage.

    There is actually a lot more that should be done to keep your Fuji engine reliable. The links below will be helpful.

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