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    Why is water coming up my Speedster floor drain?

    Just got back from 3 days of boating and a couple new problems. The first problem is that when I am stopped, water begins coming up the floor drain under the driver seat. The longer I sit, the more water comes in.. it comes in, rolls around, and dumps into the ski locker in the floor. It comes in pretty slowly but very consistently. Not a constant flow, but nearly so. After a couple minutes of WOT everything dries up. Stop again and within a minute water starts coming up the floor drain and sloshing around. Solution?

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    Inspect the valve on the right side of the pump tunnel at the rear, it's a black cone looking peice, there is a ball inside of it that closes it off when the boat is sitting in the water, make sure nothing is stuck in it, if it's clear you might have to replace it

    david n

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    Thank you so much, david! I found this white plastic screw hanging out. Now, my concern is did this come from the boat??

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    That looks like a clip that hold the seats and arm rest in place, see if any of you're seats or arm rest are loose, if not it might be left over from when the boat was put together

    David N

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