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    Unhappy supercharger

    hi i have a etss low boost impeler and need to know what is the equivalent wheel as its hard to compare set ups as there arnt to many on here

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    Quote Originally Posted by afc View Post
    hi i have a etss low boost impeler and need to know what is the equivalent wheel as its hard to compare set ups as there arnt to many on here
    ET SS Superchager

    Adding more volume of air for acceleration and 2-3 lbs of boost 11.3 lbs @ 7700 rpm and 13.5lbs at 8450

    RIVA FX-SHO/FZ B1 Supercharger Impeller 11.5 PSI
    Presenting the ultimate (drop-in) performance supercharger impellers for the Yamaha 1.8 liter SHO Engine! Working closely with Vortech Engineers, we designed these impellers to deliver more horsepower and torque throughout the RPM range resulting in excellent acceleration and top speed. Investment cast from an extremely strong, lightweight proprietary aluminum and CNC machined to ensure exact tolerances. All new blade design is optimized aerodynamically and precision balanced to deliver smooth operation. Installs easily into stock supercharger housing with no modifications required. Includes detailed installation instructions.

    B1 produces 11.5psi @ 7,700rpm

    R&D’s new C3-11 Blade Series Racing Monster Compressor Wheel Kit for Yamaha SHO/FZ/FZR engines is an exciting new racing product addition for 2009. The C3-11 will deliver unparalleled “horsepower you can feel” with instant throttle response, aggressively improved low and mid range acceleration, and increased top end performance. The R&D Monster Wheel replaces the stock wheels low performing 5 blade design with a modern low profile, high flow, 11 blade high-tech design with a larger exducer diameter. The larger exducer diameter will work to move more air flow at lower rpm, producing better holeshot horsepower. The R&D Monster Wheel Kit will deliver 10 pounds of boost pressure with a 2.5-3 pound per minute airflow gain at 7700 rpm

    Hope this helps.

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