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    2004 RXP Hood Top "Hoses"

    Ok, my "Hoses" on the hood of my 2004 RXP just fell apart. Brittle with age I guess.
    I'm talking about the cosmetic hoses on the top of the hood, on each side of the hood.

    What do you replace them with and how do you replace them?


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    these ones in the store are awesome

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    Depending on what color you want you can go to Home depot and buy black pool hose for 10 dollars for 20 ft..If you want to stick with the OEM gray then i have a set here..PM me your info and i can get them out to ya..To replace them all you do is seeing your hoses are already trashed, just pull on them from the middle upwards..they will pull out..they may seem a little tough at first because there is a plastic push pins pin holding them in from the bottom but the hose will come off..then take out the little black storage compartment and reach under and pull the push pins out..Then to install them all you do is take the new hose and slide it back into the front chrome piece first then into the hood...IF you want to put the push pins back in then take a sharp pointed tool and poke a hole in the new hose for the push pins to go into and push them pack in..If not its not big deal..Ive run both my skis without the push pins and have had no issues with the hoses coming up

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    Thanks Snoman. are they the same size as the black sump pump hose?

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    New OEM ones are only around $13.00

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    I just ordered the OEM ones fr $13 each. Not worth the hassle of hunting down anything else at that price.

    The link to the store posted here did not go anywhere other than the store btw.

    Thanks all!


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