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    2000 Sea Doo Xp. What do you think of this jet setup.

    2000 Xp
    1.5mm Oversized pistons
    Compression is 135 PSI on both CYL
    HOT 4" Intake filters
    outterwear Prefilters
    NGK 8's gapped to .20
    Sea doo SYN oil
    Stock prop, ride plate, jet pump.

    Not many mods, just trying to give everyone an overall picture of what it is.

    I just bought the ski about 3 weeks ago, from a sea doo dealer mechanic, who claimed it just been WENT, through from them.

    Well i can say i will never goto his dealer ship First off, compression was only 110 per cyl. Oil inj filter was Clogged solid with a jelly like fluid. hg was the original one just coated over and over again with copper spray, exh mani gasket was leaking water into the intake filters. the Mag side carb diaphram was pinched causing it to be lean.

    So, New pistons, top end kit. all new lines, fuel lines, oil pump, and cleaning the carbs.

    She up and running. But not to what i would consider optimal.

    When i had the carbs apart this is what i found for jetting

    Mag Side LS Needle, 1.10 turns out. 100(jet size) HS 1.5 turns out 162.5 (jet size)

    PTO Side LS Needle 1.25 Turns out 100 (Jet Size) HS 1.5 turns out 162.5 (Jet size)
    Accel pump deleted.

    Idle is smooth, Wot is smooth. But if going wot, letting off throttle and then getting back on it. Theres a huge delay before accelling. A very heavy bog.

    If getting on it from a whole shot this delay is not there.

    Also its half the time when you go 100% it will goto 6850 rpms then the other half it goes to 7000 rpms.

    This is using 93 octane, Stock injection system, 80:1 premix in the tank.

    This is not a race ski, this is just a ski i want to enjoy and be reliable.

    Thanks in advanced for everyones help!

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    Hmmm tested your TPS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidafa View Post
    Hmmm tested your TPS?
    No i havent. I herd you dont wanna mess with them much, being sensitive? Also i thought they redesigned it for the 2000?

    I will, give it a look though!

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    Well got off the phone with charlie over at and he says the bog i feel is a lean spot!

    So ditching the jetworks jet kit, sending the carbs off to him!

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