I am continuing to be Confounded by my 93 750 SX, and need some advice. I have obtained a Duel Carb manifold, Duel set of Keihin Carbs. Originally I thought the carbs were from a SXi, I have since learned that they are from a 95 750 STS. these Carbs contain a third Jet, and I don't know where to start the process of jetting these. The Specification of the 95 SXi model is a mail jet #115, and a slow Jet #75. The Carbs I have came with #135(92063-3706 ) Main Jet, #72(16158-3710), and #45(16158-3711) Slow jet. Is it even possible to jet these to work on my ski (Stock Boat), Without putting an Aftermarket Exhaust on it? Or am I just Screwed?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comfficeffice" /><o></o>
I currently have the following : Pop-off set at 24 PSi for each Carb.<o></o>
2 #115 Main Jet<o></o>
2 #125 Main Jet<o></o>
2 #135 Main Jet<o></o>
And :<o></o>
2 #72 Slow Jet<o></o>
2 #40 Slow Jet<o></o>
2 #45 Slow jet<o></o>