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    Smile 2002 1200 xl 3,000 to 4,000 RPM max.

    Howdy first off thanks in advance for any help.I have a 1200 xlt yamaha rear cylinder and piston replaced 3 yrs ago due to oil line failure.I repaired oil lines(lengthened them) installed new gaskets,new piston etc.has run fine for 3 yrs.Then owner says this season his son was riding and it slowed to 30mph,,He brought it to me so far compression is good, plugs are light brownish slightly moist ,not wet or fouled,look like a good running two strokes.I just took it to water and it ran up to 6600rpm while on trailer then I started backing off and it started sputtering,I put it back in forward and even feathering throttle it only goes to 3500rpm the exhaust gates dont move or open .it doesnt help to feather in choke (checking for lean cond) I then pulled plugs all are light brown with a slight dampness but not soaking or fouled.any ideas does the 1200 yam 2002 have a limp mode or is there a problem with cdi that is a known issue??Thanks>Marvin

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    first, you know it wont run right on the trailer... do testing in the water while loaded

    sounds like maybe a powervalve issue

    no limp mode

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    did testing in water on trailer under load ,i always test in water ,thanks though i should have mentioned it,would powervalves not opening cause it to not turn more than 3500rpm under load,thanks>Marvin

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